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Vision Statement

BT believes all students should have a meaningful and challenging learning experience where data driven instruction and common core curriculum is embedded into thematic interdisciplinary models of project based learning. It is our vision that every student is able to access the business and tourism career pathway to connect students to authentic practices through industry leaders/mentors, job-shadowing experiences, community internship opportunities, field trips and creation/evaluation of Project Based Learning (PBL) units, that are determined by the BT Advisory board members including: Anshultz Entertainment Group (AEG), Consulates of South Africa and Chile, Chase Bank, Mexico Travel and Tourism Board, Deloitte Financial and the Dept. of Water and Power. A prime example of an integrated PBL unit is our proposed class in partnership with the CTA where students will design tours tied to novels set in Los Angeles. This approach to English Literature clearly fulfills A-G core course work, but spins the class, keeping in plain sight the overarching thematic learning of travel and tourism.

The fundamental purpose of BT is to encourage each student to develop his/her intellectual, social and personal character in order to engage in healthy personal relations with their peers, professionals and community. Additionally, BT stakeholders have a commitment to engaging parent and family participation in student learning. We believe that by creatively approaching class work in an interdisciplinary manner, students will be more apt to contribute, engage more fully and learn at a deeper and longer-lasting level.
Intellectually, BT students enhance:

  • The ability to analyze and evaluate complex issues and events.
  • Their skills to become enterprising and open minded contributors to the community.
  • Work cooperatively with other individuals, modeled through PBL, to support business practices.
  • The skills necessary to successfully matriculate competitively, to prestigious Ivy League Universities, UCs and CSUs.

Many of our courses focus on a core skill in BT, problem solving and conflict resolution. Forming the ability to overcome obstacles, work well with people, and become solution oriented breeds intellectual independence.
Personally, BT students demonstrate:

  • Respect and acceptance of self and our communities’ diversity, and individual cultural differences.
  • A commitment to individual empathy, character, responsibility and ethical behavior.
  • Effective communication strategies; verbally, written and technological.
  • An understanding of their role as local and global contributors

Success in BT means a deep understanding for many cultures and a high level skill of communicating with people of all kinds.
BT Families will actively engage in:

  • Meeting with teachers, attending parent workshops and actively seeking to enhance their capacity to support their children’s education
  • Participating in the school decision making process through Governance Board and Parent Teacher Student Association
  • Increasing their understanding of what their children need to achieve in high school to be college and career ready.

The Culture of BT Exemplifies:

  • High expectations for all students. 1
  • A personalized atmosphere created to insure students are resilient and able to learn from all experiences.
  • Healthy relationships with student, staff, and family community members.
  • Enhanced student learning experiences through teacher looping and adjustment of period assessment to match with the curriculum map.

We believe it takes a maturity to make the choice of BT and we treat our students with the respect that merits, fostering a level of acceptance while demanding that our students meet rigorous academic standards.

All BT stakeholders commit to supporting the Mission and Vision. It is essential that teachers continue to expand their expertise through utilizing research based professional development and effectively monitoring student mastery of standards, communicating effectively with parents, students and Advisory Board members to prepare students for the challenges of College and Career.